laying on the grass sounds so nice until you realize there are bugs and dirt everywhere

But you don’t get up because you fell asleep because it turns out you have grass allergies and your body just doesn’t want to deal with this crap so when you wake up you have a headache and fresh bug bites and you realize that you rolled into dirt and the grass wasn’t even that nice anyway

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It seems lately I am doing more and more things by myself. I am struggling to assure myself this is okay, but I really just wish I could share these experiences with someone else.


We all have that one person who helps keep us grounded.

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Italian Futurism at the Guggenheim

And if you just follow the curve

Of the endless white spiral

You will believe you see movement

In each of the thick framed paintings

La citta che sale (Umberto Boccioni)

What could it be up close

But layers of feathery strokes

With every step back

The city rises before me

With the strength and power

Of angry horses

And unrelenting men

The fire and the drive

Push their way through

Trying to break out of the glass

Visioni Simultanee (Umberto Boccioni)

From a single point

The mind observes too many

Scenes for one canvas

Periferia-lavoro (Luigi Russolo)

But how can we see

The true brightness of the sun

Through the smoky smog?

Lamapda ad arco (Giacomo Balla)

Light is a beautiful thing

Pushing through the night sky

Illuminating shadowed spaces

And inciting wonderment

At the power and force of

Just a sliver in the infinite horizon

It becomes easier to see

As time progresses forward

More and more tiny moons appear

In synchronized rows

Along gridded streets

Is the fascination lost

As we become bombarded

With artificiality

Continuously until the sun comes up?